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Your Chocolate Free Easter Wish List

Bring on the chocolate, it’s Easter Time! But let’s just stop right now, because there are so many more wonderful things to pamper yourself with than just Easter Eggs and then going to the gym to work it off haha! 

So this Easter, it’s time to do things right heading into winter and we’ll start by creating a wish list of our must haves from Pagan Marie Boutique.

Sunglasses Are Not Just For Summer

While sunglasses are traditionally thought of as being a summer accessory, did you realise that your eyes need protecting from the winter sun too? With the sun lower in the sky and at a different angle during winter, your eyes are just as vulnerable from sun damage as in the summer. UV rays from the sun can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer on your eyelids. The answer – wear your shades in winter. Luckily we have heaps of amazing new pairs to choose from. Here are two of our favourites at Pagan Marie Boutique.

Tort is back peeps and these stunners are just ready to be admired. With a distinctively wide tortoiseshell frame and gold reflective lenses, these sunglasses are meant to be noticed while giving you 100% UV protection!


Can winter fashion get any better? I just don’t think so, cause these sunglasses are the ultimate winter (and summer) fashion accessory! With an amazing blue marble frame and blue tinted lenses, the catwalk is brought into play each day you wear these shades.




You Can’t Go Past A Great Lippy

While autumn shows us a gorgeous range of colours, winter is dull no matter what. But there is nothing like a great lip crème, gloss or lipstick to brighten your world and we’ve got the best range ever made! Gerard Cosmetics are totally fabulous and cruelty free too. Our top picks for this Easter include:

OMG, this lip gloss is a must have in our books. It is an utterly feminine shade, while being both vibrant and elegant. You must get some!!


When you need a lipstick in a versatile colour, you can’t go past the mauve pink of Vintage Rose. Set to remain a classic for years to come, this lippy also has a long-wear finish.

Think fluffy clouds and angelic thoughts for this beauty as this is one lip crème perfect for those of us who love neutrals. Totally opaque, this luxurious mousse formula goes on smoothly and feels divine.


We’re getting new stock in ready for winter all the time, so don’t just stop creating your wish list here! Check out What’s New and start adding them to your cart instead of chocolate. We have also created a VIP group on Facebook! So ou can pre order and secure styles before they are even released on the site!
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