NZ's Top Beaches - Well Our Favorites anyway !

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New Zealand’s Hottest Beaches - Well a few of them anyway. Let's face it NZ is covered in Amazing beach spots.

Just the thought of golden sand and lapping waves have most of us wanting to hop in the car and head off to the nearest beach. Yet sometimes you just need a little bit more; a beach which has some special qualities you can’t ignore. To help you in your quest to find the best beach and the ultimate experience, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest beaches in New Zealand you really should visit.

  1. Piha Beach

Piha Rescue may have given unwanted fame to Piha Beach due to the large number of dramatic rescues by some rather hunky surf lifeguards, but the surf really is this beach’s number one claim to fame. Located in West Auckland, the waves are not to be missed if you enjoy surfing or want to check out some great looking eye candy.

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  1. Ninety Mile Beach

Need some action and adventure? How about taking a zoom done one of the many enormous sand dunes Ninety Mile Beach is famous for? Not only is it a legal highway you can take your vehicle out on, but taking a stroll on this 55 mile or 88 kilometre beach will give you plenty of exercise.

  1. Hot Water Beach

Bring your spades along to this stunner of a beach and dig yourself a Jacuzzi in the sand in this beach located in the Coromandel. Thanks to the underground hot springs which reach temperatures of 65 degrees, this beach offers the ultimate in free hot pool relaxation. For an even better time, get one of the local guys to dig it for you and reward them with the chance to join you in it later!

  1. Cathedral Cove

Get your waking shoes on because these two beaches at Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel are worth the hike! The rock formation which gives this beach its name is splat bang in the middle of a marine reserve, so the waters are picturesque and the sand is perfect for sunbathing on.

  1. Raglan

If you’re a surfer or enjoy watching a bit of muscle on the waves then head to either the Manu Bay or Whale Bay beaches, an hour and a half south west of Auckland. A serious surfing spot, Manu Bay has the claim to fame of having the most accessible left hand break in the world, or in other non-surfing words, the wave is a big one which goes to the left.

     6. The Marlborough Sounds - Queen Charlotte, Pelorus & Kenepuru Sounds.

Tucked away in the North eastern most point of the south island are some simply divine secluded beach spots. Perfect for boating or just setting up for a day of Swimming & eating with beautiful scenery. Plenty of Camping sites located in a Favorite area of Momerangi Bay ( a personal family fav of mine! ) but also plenty of inlets and beaches only accessible by boat which make them even more magical!
Walking the queen charlotte Track is a MUST. Check it out via this link


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    7. Koekohe Beach - Otago 

Home of the famous Moeraki Boulders!
Mudstone Cliffs, Golden Sand and dozens of boulders make this beach totally unique and a must visit for any Trip to North Otago.  

While you are at the beach chilling, take a moment to remember all of us still stuck at work or home. Please. Seriously, you need to. Then when you find yourself pining for some beach later in the year when the weather has turned crap, remember you can always bring back that sun kissed glow with some Loving Tan.
Even in the middle of Summer Loving Tan is a much Safer alternative to letting that precious Skin burn under the NZ Sun! 

What are your fav NZ Beaches? Let us know in the comments below 

We are always up for some exploring of this beautiful country we call home x 
Pagan x



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